Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Photoshoot: Update on the T-Shirt Front

Hellooo! Ivy here - so expect random (and often ridiculous) spellings, a nonsensical nature and possibly a few extra letters. Some are intentional, but sometimes my keyboard goes peculiar and thinks I want more letters than I need. I've had words, but it won't listen.

Ok, should stop there before Lib tells me off for crazying up the place. Onto why I am posting.

Ma and I went shopping today - a few odds and bobs were needed, nautical clothes and such - and, purely by chance, we came across a load of white t-shirts. Ok, so they are bloke's shirts and will probably be huge on everyone (except me), but they were on the sale rail. Score! I accidentally didn't get four with the same necks because, well, I wasn't paying attention. I was too distracted by the awesome of my new Spongebob Squarepants jumper. Some force was at work though, as I managed to get two v-necks and two round-necks. If anyone asks, I planned it that way. *unconvincing shifty eyes*

So what is all the fuss about white t-shirts, anyway? Good question, invisible person.

When trying to come up with a band name, Taylor was admiring one of Lib's email addresses and suggested that it would be a pretty cool band name. Cue epiphany. This is when Liberty had her genius idea. Call the band Not Quite then our trademark could be wearing tops which complete a phrase to describe what each of us are not quite. Get it? Did I say that too backwards? Probably... Here's an example.

We are Not Quite. I would wear a t-shirt saying Here as I am Not Quite Here (what with being in Northampton most the time).

Get it now?

So yeah! We now have our tees, which means we are one step closer to doing some arty-farty-colour-splash-blinged-up photoshoot. All that stands in our way is having not written on the shirts and picking a location. Though, I may just be in the dark on the location front. No one tells me anything.

Nevermind. Taylor and I have a song idea in the making and are going to try write it. Watch this space. P:

Ivy, out!

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  1. great post Ivy xx

    I'm Not Quite ready to help you with your t shirts