Meet The Band

Liberty - Piano, Keyboard, Vocal

Pianist Liberty (careful how you enunciate that) is the oldest band member at twenty-two. While she favours the keys above other instruments, she's not afraid to have a dabble with the drumkit, though her guitar skill is limited to Guitar Hero. Liberty has been a prolific song writer since age fifteen, when lyrics were an outlet for teen angst. Now a slightly less angsty adult, she hopes more cheerful songs are in the works.

Ivy - Guitar, Keyboard Vocal

Lead guitarist, Ivy, has a big personality and an even bigger voice. A song writer from a very young age, she penned 'We Are So Electric' with her cousin at the tender age of six. Cousin2Cousin never took off as the next big thing, fortunately for Not Quite. When not belting out Carrie Underwood tunes in the shower, twenty year old Ivy can usually be found watching Studio Ghibli films and writing amazing songs about them.

Taylor - Drums, Guitar, Vocal

Usually sporting a trilby and her bright red drum brushes, Taylor is sixteen and the most laid back member of the band. She'll do anything her Prima Donna siblings want. Oddly, she never used to be able to sing, but after singing Unchained Melody (the Gareth Gates version, for shame) tunelessly a hundred times, she eventually found the right notes when she picked up a guitar. Now she even provides harmonies for the band when she's not denting the cymbals on her drumkit.

Charlie - Bass, Keyboard, Vocal

At just fourteen, Charlie is the youngest member of the band. She picked up bass guitar just because her bullying siblings told her they needed a bassist, and three months later is already good enough to accompany tracks. Despite being the youngest, with two years of amateur dramatics and a leading role in Bugsy Malone under her belt, Charlie has more experience performing and more vocal training than any other member of the band.