Thursday, 21 April 2011

Music Video Project: Jewellery Shopping

With Ivy away at a friend's book burning party (? we don't know either...) it was down to Taylor and I to buy the jewellery for the video. Charlie was still in bed, and besides, my car only has two seats.

With the top down and the bad tunes blaring, we drove to the local shopping centre, £20 in our pockets, but instructions from Mum not to spend much more than a tenner.

We headed to Primark first. Much like at the jumble sale, it seemed like everything we said we wanted magically appeared a couple of seconds later. For just slightly more than a tenner, we also managed to pick up our missing colour splash items for the photoshoot (more on that later). We came in a little over budget at £12.50, but picked up some real bargains. Here is Taylor modelling every single bit of jewellery we bought:

We've also been busy writing a song for Taylor's friend. Hopefully we'll be recording it later today. Lots and lots going on!

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