Monday, 18 April 2011

Music Video Project: Jumble Sale Bargains

When we embarked on the Music Video Project, we knew it would be tight to get our vision within budget. The Charity Shops were doing well for odds and ends, but when it came down to it, we just couldn't afford everything we wanted at their prices and in the timescale of picking up one or two items a trip.

So, our mother spotted an advertisement for a local Jumble Sale, and last Saturday we headed off to check it out, armed with a bag full of spare change and a fair amount of trepidation.

Ivy couldn't make it as she was meeting a friend *cough* has an irrational fear of village halls. She's fired from the band. Just kidding, we simply had the pleasure of picking her outfit ourselves. After she dressed us up for her birthday, it was high time for some revenge.

I think Ivy knew she was fairly safe - she had to look good in the video after all - and while we did pick her out a very unusual skirt, we were fairly sure she'd like it and it was in keeping with the vision for the band.

What we were after was brown/green earthy outfits that were all layered and slightly mismatched, to match the very layered outfit of our storyline character. We wanted to match each other as well as the theme, and have a bit of variation to our individual looks to account for individual tastes. No small endeavour for a Saturday morning.

The Jumble Sale was great though - piles of clothes, plenty of willing, if often a bit misguided helpers, and everything was randomly priced somewhere around twenty pence. The most expensive items were my dress and Ivy's skirt, which cost a whole £5 altogether, from the 'designer' rail.

It took us about half an hour or so, and it seemed that every time we decided we needed something, it would appear under our hands, or from a secret stash the helpers had somewhere. After our mother tired of looking at the books, we headed home with complete outfits (minus shoes which we thought we could gather from our own ample collections - conveniently we are all size five - and jewellery, which will be shop bought soon) and less than £15 down, which included a load of books and a bug viewer for the little ones.

Back at home we laid our goodies on the table.

Charlie, who is playing the storyline character as well as taking her role as bassist in the band, had two outfits to model. You can only see the top half in this picture here, and not the amazing dress that Mum found, but doesn't she look great? She really suits the look (and, somewhat alarmingly, that hat).

Here is the four of us in 'Cool Band Pose'. Based on Eric Cartman's hypothesis that no cool band people face forwards on their album covers. Taylor manages to look cool, while Ivy and Charlie look a bit dopey, and I'm looking intently at the floor to hide the fact that I was laughing my head off because ten seconds ago Charlie's 'Cool Band Pose' involved giving the thumbs up and a cheesy grin.

Here are the outfits laid out on the table:

Now all we need to do is accessorise and we are ready to begin shooting. We hope to get some of the generic band shots done before the end of the holidays, when Ivy has to go back to Uni. The plan is to do them in the fading light, and we don't fancy staying up all hours in the summer if we can avoid it! With the good weather this week, hopefully we'll be able to get something done.

Stay tuned for some jewellery shopping and a great shoe swap...

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