Saturday, 26 March 2011

Music Video Project: First Steps

One of the reasons for setting up this blog was to document our journey as we attempt (emphasis on the 'attempt') to make a music video for our song Moving The Castle (Howl). As expressed in our bio, we don't have a lot of equipment. Or money. This is strictly video making on a budget.

Today, Taylor, Charlie and I (that's Liberty, by the way, Ivy is back at Uni) went into town with the Small One and had a rummage in some local charity shops for outfits for the video.

We have a very clear vision (though we haven't finalised all the details) and one thing we need to do is get together four outfits, one of which needs to have many different layers. Part of our vision for the video is to have a girl who walks through a forest, gradually losing layers of clothes - symbolically getting back to nature and 'cleaning out the clutter', as the line in the song goes.

For this, I envisage lots of different cardigan/jumper/t-shirts in earthy colours layered over a plain white dress, which is what we were looking for today.

We left Charlie with the Small One in the town library looking at picture books, then Taylor and I made our way from one end of town to the other. After a close encounter with what we can only assume was a serial killer in Oxfam (long story, please don't ask - too traumatic) we had no luck in several of the shops, except Taylor finding two Stephen King books to add to her collection. There was plenty to choose from, but nothing leapt out at us shouting, 'buy me, buy me!'

Then we went into The Relate Shop and found the perfect necklace. It's a bit old and battered, missing one of its gems, but it's perfect. And at 75p, well within budget. A final trip to Sue Ryder Care saw us add a second item to our collection - a woolly jumper type garment. We had to ask the attendent to get it off a mannequin for us, which was a tad embarrassing, but it was only £2.95: another bargain and the perfect start to our collection.

We are on the look out for jumble sales in the area, at which we hope to get the majority of our outfits, hopefully even cheaper than charity shop prices. And we will donate everything back to the charity shops at the end, most likely, as we probably won't want to wear most of the stuff in a normal situation!

I leave you with pictures of our purchases. Keep tuned for the next steps on our journey towards making our music video!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Testing Testing Sound Check One Two One Two

Liberty here.

This is just a test post to see the layout of the new blog in action. But, to anyone reading, welcome to Not Quite Music, the blog of our little band, Not Quite.

Hello world!